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The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning. Sanitizing. Disinfecting. These are all words that can be thrown about when it comes to cleaning services. In fact, there are very clear definitions for each of these words. Each represents a different level of removing substances from a

How Green Cleaning Products Can Improve Your Workplace

Industrial-strength cleaning products do a great job of getting surfaces clean, but at what cost? This is an important question to ask, especially when environmentally friendly, or green, cleaning products are available that do an equally good job of cleaning. 

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

A clean workplace can go a long way in protecting your health and the health of your employees. As people wage wars in their diet and exercise regimes, they undermine the importance of a clean environment. The state of your

Electrostatic Cleaning Explained

When you need to make sure there are no germs in a space, you need electrostatic cleaning. Technically it’s disinfecting, not cleaning. For areas that need to be free of germs, like hospitals, nursing homes, or schools in the age

What to Look for in a Janitorial Company

A clean office presents a professional image to visitors, gives your employees a sense of respect for the workplace, and has health benefits. But there’s more to hiring a janitorial company than just the work they do. Here’s what to

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The Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

Whether you’re in charge of office operations, have your home cleaned regularly, or work as someone who uses cleaning products, it’s a good idea to consider the effect their ingredients may have on you, your employees, and the environment. Some

Find The Right COVID Cleaner With These 3 Tips

Are you currently in the midst of bringing your employees back into the office? Many businesses are now transitioning from working from home into a COVID office working environment. If you work with a COVID cleaner, they can help make

3 Ways Professional Cleaners Improve Office Safety

As an employer, you should always be looking for ways to improve your office safety. Keeping your workers healthy both physically and mentally will ensure that productivity remains constant. An office that does not prioritize cleanliness tends to be less

Benefits Of A Professional Office Floor-Cleaner

When it comes to office cleaning, you want to make sure you’re addressing some parts more carefully than others. The floors of your office space are prone to marks, bacteria buildup, and a ton of other issues. While you can

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Moving into a New Home? Better Consider a Deep-Cleaning

For the fifth month in a row, even though the pandemic, October witnessed the rate of home sales across the USA keep rising. The pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing down the real estate market, and it is expected to