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What To Do About Draft-y Windows in the Winter

The winter in New Mexico is nothing to sneeze at.  Sure, it never goes into the frigid range that most of the North East deals with in January and February – but temperatures do drop to below zero on a

Why Floor Mats Are a Necessity for Keeping the Office Clean

A lot of a janitorial work comes down to stripping and sanitizing floors.  According to research by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, shoes carry all kinds of bacteria around with them (including fecal matter!).  It makes sense of course, given the

3 Tips for Removing Carpet Stains

Carpet is a popular flooring in office complexes.  You’ll either find it in the hallways between offices, used as flooring in the lobby or applied to an entire office (except the kitchen, of course). If you have carpet in your

Combat Springtime Allergies

How To Combat Springtime Allergies Spring has unearthed her beautiful self, which means longer days, sunshine, and a whole lot of pretty flowers loaded with pollen. Amidst your spring-cleaning, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you cope with

Cleaning Those Dirty Floors

Cleaning Those Dirty Floors Made Easier Frequent cleaning makes the process easier, especially with floors. Your floor is likely made from one of the following: vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, or wood. Each material should be treated a little differently. Keep

Avoiding Winter Clutter

Tips for avoiding winter clutter You may have dreaded the end of winter because it usually meant one thing: spring cleaning. While there’s nothing wrong with being clean, spring cleaning is a little different. This project is bigger, more intense,

10 Facts About Cleaning

10 Facts About Cleaning You Probably Didn’t Know You’ve heard it growing up, “Pick up your room! Clean the house! Keep your things in order!” Well, we’re really no different than your parents when it comes to expressing the importance

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Preparing Your Facility For Fall

Zia Building Maintenance Can Prepare Your Property For Fall Pull out the sweaters; the pumpkin spice, and your fall decor, autumn has officially arrived. In preparation for the colder months, now is the right time to inspect your office building

Commercial Cleaning Albuquerque

Three Main Areas of Commercial Cleaning Commercial cleaning can be broken down into three main areas that customers will want maintained: office and public space; bathroom and kitchen areas; and floor maintenance. A working knowledge of each area will make