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The 7 Best Labor-Saving Devices For Cleaning

You know how important it is to keep your store or office clean. That’s why you’ve contracted with Zia Building Maintenance to ensure the professional touch that every business needs. But what do you do in between cleanings when someone

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The Ultimate Anti-Dust Guide

Eight steps to reducing harmful dust in your workspace You know those moments when you look at a surface in your office to see it coated with a fine film of dust? Not only does it look bad, it’s also

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What to Look For In a Commercial Cleaning Service

Every successful business reaches this point eventually. It’s no longer enough to count on your own staff to clean and disinfect the office every day. It’s time to bring in a commercial cleaning service. Congratulations; you’ve made the right decision.

Keep Your Business Looking Great

If you run a business, then you know how essential it is to keep it looking great. It affects the impression that you make on everyone who walks through your door. If you’re trying to make the best impression possible

The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning. Sanitizing. Disinfecting. These are all words that can be thrown about when it comes to cleaning services. In fact, there are very clear definitions for each of these words. Each represents a different level of removing substances from a

How Green Cleaning Products Can Improve Your Workplace

Industrial-strength cleaning products do a great job of getting surfaces clean, but at what cost? This is an important question to ask, especially when environmentally friendly, or green, cleaning products are available that do an equally good job of cleaning. 

Benefits of a Clean Workplace

A clean workplace can go a long way in protecting your health and the health of your employees. As people wage wars in their diet and exercise regimes, they undermine the importance of a clean environment. The state of your

Electrostatic Cleaning Explained

When you need to make sure there are no germs in a space, you need electrostatic cleaning. Technically it’s disinfecting, not cleaning. For areas that need to be free of germs, like hospitals, nursing homes, or schools in the age