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Why Your Fitness Studio or Gym Needs a Professional Cleaner

One of the first things clients notice when they enter a fitness studio is the level of cleanliness. This is important not only for aesthetic reasons but for the health and safety of your clients and staff as well. Everyone knows that gyms are notorious for spreading germs and bacteria and if your clients don’t feel that there is a high standard of cleanliness, they are unlikely to risk getting sick by using your facilities. There are a number of important reasons why it is crucial that you maintain a clean and safe environment for your clients and staff by hiring a professional cleaning company.

High Traffic Environment

Fitness studios tend to be high traffic environments. Many people come and go into the gym or studio throughout the day. Furthermore, these people are often sweating, breathing heavily, showering and using the bathrooms within the facilities. This is a difficult volume of work for front desk staff and fitness instructors to handle on their own. Professional support from experienced cleaners is worth considering to keep both clients and staff healthy and happy. 

Equipment Spreads Germs 

Fitness equipment is used by many people over and over throughout the same day. As such, handles, props, mats and weights can become breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses fungus and other types of germs. This means that cold and flu viruses, as well as fungal and bacterial infections, can rapidly spread amongst your fitness community. This includes both clients and staff which places a substantial strain on your business operations. This is not good for a studio’s bottom line nor is it conducive to the health and safety of your clients and staff. 

High Moisture & High Heat Areas

Many fitness studios contain sauna and shower facilities while others also contain hot rooms where clients practice yoga and other types of fitness routines. These high-heat and high-moisturize environments are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This is why quick cleaning techniques by staff simply won’t do the trick. Professional cleaners with the proper training and techniques are needed to ensure that these environments remain germ-free for your client’s health and safety.

Client Allergies & Sensitivities         

Another important consideration for fitness studios is client allergies and sensitivities. Some clients might have conditions that make them sensitive to harsh cleaning products. These sensitivities are especially problematic in fitness studios and gyms because the clients’ bare skin comes into contact with the equipment, floors, and tiles in the facilities. For these reasons, fitness studios and gyms may want to consider a professional cleaning service that offers green cleaning options that are non-irritating to those with allergies and sensitivities. Professional cleaners have much more experience and knowledge of these types of allergies and sensitivities and are aware of less harsh alternatives that can still do an excellent job of cleaning and disinfecting equipment, countertops and floors. 

If you think its time to bring in professional cleaning services for your gym or fitness studio contact us today to find out what we can offer you and your clients!

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