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It’s Spring Cleaning Time and You Should Clean Green

As the leaders in Green Cleaning and the cleaning authority in Albuquerque, we can make use of products made entirely with environmentally-friendly components. They’re designed and developed to preserve a healthy environment and a quality space.

It’s becoming increasingly important that “green,” or eco-friendly cleaning, is more simply a trendy catchphrase. Our commitment to a core competence at Zia Building Maintenance requires us to produce a healthy and critical shift in thinking. We consider it our duty to take the necessary to protect our clients and their daily environment.

Without exception, we maintain a commitment to green cleaning.

With more than 40 combined years of experience in our industry, we’ve become renowned for our dependability via our top shelf commercial cleaning and building maintenance.

As Spring approaches, we’d like you to consider non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable resources for your cleaning needs.

We can help you avoid dangerous indoor air quality (the air within an office can be more toxic than the air that surrounds it) as the use of toxic materials and substances within better-insulated buildings prevents toxins from flowing out.

albuquerque commercial carpet cleaning pictureSome antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products don’t live up to the hype and can actually create the risk of forming “super germs.” In fact, the FDA has found that some soaps billed as “antibacterial” are actually no more effective than regular soap and water.

Our green office cleaning service is willing and prepared to make use of our tested products and methods to help you stop toxins at the front door.

Here are just a few of the many things we know about cleaning products:

  • Of the 17,000 petrochemical products available, just 30 percent have been tested for their effects of exposure to humans and the environment.
  • The EPA says that indoor air pollution levels can be above outdoor air pollution levels – in some cases up to 100 times higher.
  • Nearly 300 active ingredients in various antimicrobial products are classified as pesticides by the EPA.
  • It’s has been shown that nearly 5 billion pounds of chemicals are used by the institutional cleaning industry – every single year.
  • A typical janitorial worker or building cleaner uses more than 20 gallons of cleaning products every year, and fully 25 percent of those products can be considered “hazardous.”

We don’t expect you to know this kind of information. That’s why we’re here for you. Let us develop and execute a plan to make sure your surroundings are neat, clean and above all, safe for you and your clients.

From dealing with allergens to taking on the challenges of the spring season in New Mexico, we can mitigate the effects of the many different types of pollen which are soon to arrive.

At Zia, we want to provide a clean and fresh environment, and to do that with safe and effective products and techniques. Contact us online or give us a call at 505-974-1186 and we’ll help you follow the critical precautions that will let you stand up against the onslaught of spring while staying green and clean at the same time.

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Zia Building Maintenance provides full-service commercial cleaning services to Albuquerque businesses of every size. Their customer service and care for employees have made them a top janitorial service provider in Albuquerque for 32 years.