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The 7 Best Labor-Saving Devices For Cleaning

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You know how important it is to keep your store or office clean. That’s why you’ve contracted with Zia Building Maintenance to ensure the professional touch that every business needs. But what do you do in between cleanings when someone spills their meal in the microwave or leaves dirt on the carpet? Cleaning takes time, and labor is scarce.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of new technology to help. Here are the seven best devices to keep your office clean without overburdening your employees.


A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today have the ability to work their way around furniture, and can even adjust automatically to different types of flooring.


A Window Cleaning Robot

Smart window cleaning systems can be activated with just one touch. And they automatically adjust their suction as needed.


A Power Scrubber

Using the same technology as your electric toothbrush, a power scrubber oscillates at a high rate of speed, doing all the hard work of scrubbing for you.


A Brush For The Blinds

They’re a magnet for dirt and dust, yet it’s so laborious to clean each individual blind. A special microfiber blind cleaner can solve this problem for you.


A Microwave Cleaner

The microwave in the staff breakroom gets tons of use every day, but no one has time to clean it. Now you can purchase a microwave cleaner that you simply fill with water and vinegar and place inside the microwave.


Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Few things get as dirty as the toilet bowl in your restroom. But you don’t have to tediously scrub the toilet every day. There are cleaning solutions that you purchase in cartridge form and then place inside the overflow tube of the flush valve to keep your toilet clean.


An Automatic Mopping System

Take the agony out of mopping with features like a foot pedal and automatic wringer. You can even find automatic mops that come with a splash guard and a triangular shape to make it easy to reach corners.

With these devices, you can keep your employees and customers happy and healthy in between professional cleanings effortlessly, you can also call us at Zia Building Maintenance, we have the tools and know how to get your place spotless!


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