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Combat Springtime Allergies

How To Combat Springtime Allergies

Spring has unearthed her beautiful self, which means longer days, sunshine, and a whole lot of pretty flowers loaded with pollen. Amidst your spring-cleaning, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you cope with the allergens, because we all know how bad springtime those springtime allergens in Albuquerque can be.


Tips to Combat Allergies

  • Know your triggers. According to Pollen.com, about 50 million Americans have seasonal allergies that result in sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy eyes, nose and throat. By taking prescription medications early, you may prevent symptoms before they begin.
  • Change air filters. Indoor air quality depends on you and how often you change your filters. A clogged filter works twice as hard to push air through using excess energy and irritating your allergies.
  • Trap dust. Feather dusters dissipate dust and set off allergens in your home. It’s best to use a household cleaner and rag to rid areas of dust.
  • Use Green Cleaning Products. Although allergies vary from person-to-person, using fragrance-free cleaning products helps avoid inflaming allergy symptoms.
  • Bug-proof your bedroom. A majority of your exposure to allergies is in your bedroom. Dust mites enjoy basking in the dead skin cells found in your sheets. Wash your bed linens, decorative pillows and stuffed animals in 130° water weekly to kill mites.
    Spring season in New Mexico can be rough. There are many different types of pollen that can effect you. Your immune system is probably being ambushed from all directions. Take care of yourself and follow these precautions to help take a stand against spring allergies.


    We Can Help

    Call Zia Building Maintenance, (505) 974-1186 to set up a thorough spring cleaning for your place of business. We can remove most of the allergens and help keep you healthy!