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5 Germiest Areas in Your Office

You may spend time every day cleaning your home, but what about your office? Your office is home to millions of germs, some that can wreak havoc on your body. While you may keep your office tidy and well-kept, it doesn’t mean it is clean. Here are five areas in your office that you need to make sure are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

1. Microwave Door

You may not think about it, but warming up your lunch or your mid-morning snack can actually make you sick. According to one study by Kimberly-Clark Professional, they examined 5,000 surfaces in an office building to find the dirtiest areas. Among their top findings was the microwave door handle. This one surface is touched by numerous individuals every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. Regularly wiping down this surface with a disinfectant should not be forgotten.

2. Front Door Handle

The front door is where countless individuals come in and out every single day. They are all touching within a few feet of one another and those germs are then spreading to other door handles, elevator buttons, keyboards, etc. Additionally, this is an area that is rarely sanitized because most people disinfect their own personal work stations, not common door handles or light switches.

3. Telephones

Whether it is your cell phone or your office phone, these devices can be home to a scary number of germs and bacteria. In fact, one study found that cell phones have 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Office phones are also just as bad, particularly if one phone has multiple users. Additionally, the small cracks and crevices on the phone can become great conditions for bacteria and germs to continue growing and spreading.

4. Bathroom Sink Handles

Bathroom sink handles also rank high on the list of the dirtiest and most disgusting areas in an office. This is the object individuals touch right after using the bathroom and typically are only cleaned once a day. It is wise to grab a paper towel before even washing your hands to turn the facet on and off. Additionally, by hiring a janitorial company to clean the office, areas such as the bathroom sink handles will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

 5. Coffee Pot

If you have communal coffee pots in your office, you may be doing more than just enjoying coffee, you may be sharing bacteria and germs. Several individuals likely touch the coffee pot every single day, some right after they’ve touched their keyboard, cellphone, or the door — some of the top contenders for germy surfaces. Additionally, very rarely does the coffee pot get sanitized.

Can Janitorial Services Help?

Janitorial Services can be an excellent defense to keep germs at bay. Workers can use the right cleaners, the correct equipment, and follow the proper steps and methods to ensure areas in your office are sanitized and look their best. Contact us today at (505) 974-1186 for more information about our cleaning services for offices, apartments, construction sites, and more.

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