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What To Do About Draft-y Windows in the Winter

The winter in New Mexico is nothing to sneeze at.  Sure, it never goes into the frigid range that most of the North East deals with in January and February – but temperatures do drop to below zero on a regular basis.

Most of us have a solid winter insulation system for our own homes.  Buying a couple space heaters is what some people choose, while others prefer to insulate their windows to keep the heat from escaping.  Folks apply diligence and attention to detail in fitting their homes for the winter months – but what about at your work? Does your office get drafty and cold when the temperatures drop?

A lot of buildings have poorly insulated or installed windows.  When the wind picks up and the temperature drops these windows are like sheets of cardboard flailing against the elements.  They barely hold any heat within the building, thus costing you in monthly energy bills.

The impact of poorly insulated windows goes beyond a spike in energy expense.  Employees become more uncomfortable when they have to worry about keeping warm.  A lot like the symptoms of excessive clutter in your office, many will become agitated and under-perform in a drafty office because their physical and mental health is compromised.  All from a few drafty windows!

Surely the same diligence applied to your home should be applied to your workplace.

Here are some tips on how to insulate your office windows in the winter months:


Go For Caulking


Maybe the grade of glass is actually quite thick but the installation job has been compromised.  This is a common occurrence in windows over 10 years old.  Simply apply caulking to the connecting areas between the glass and window frame itself.

If you find some gaps in the windows that are larger than a 1/4 inch, it’s probably best to use spray foam instead because it will fill the space more effectively.


Change the Drapes


Some drapes are just not cut out for the winter cold.  If you have thin drapes that barely cover the frame of the window, consider replacing them with thicker fabric that covers the entire area surrounding the window frame.  The Department of Energy has a lot of great advice for residential window treatment options, most of which apply to commercial spaces too.  Getting over-sized drapery means the cold will be contained in proximity to the window rather than spread throughout the room.


Window Film on the Interior or Exterior


This is one you probably have done at home before.  Window films are an easy-to-install transparent plastic wrap that essentially acts as a second layer to the window itself.  You tape it around the window and, as long as it’s sealed, it will stick to the pane.

When it comes to exterior film application, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital in California experienced the benefits it can bring.  According to this case study, the hospital earned nearly $34,000 in rebates with their newly insulated window.s

Small Steps Make A Big Difference


Taking a couple of these small steps will do more to keep your office warm than buying extra space heaters or putting in some carpet.  Windows are the most drafty part of a room and simply cannot be ignored if heating your office is proving difficult.


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