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Why Floor Mats Are a Necessity for Keeping the Office Clean

A lot of a janitorial work comes down to stripping and sanitizing floors.  According to research by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, shoes carry all kinds of bacteria around with them (including fecal matter!). 

It makes sense of course, given the fact that people walk in and out of public bathrooms and into work all the time.  Even if a person just walks right through a room without stopping for anything, markers of their movement will be evident on the floor.  

And yet, most offices do not insist on employees wearing indoor shoes while they work, nor do they have an effective number of floor mats in the office.  

This relaxed attitude towards floor cleanliness is possible in hotter climates like New Mexico, which never sees much rain, and definitely never sees snow.  But you might be surprised at how much dirt, soot, and gravel is pulled in from outside in hotter climates like ours.  

Is there a solution other than making your office feel like a school and asking everyone to bring slippers to work?

There sure is, and it comes in the form of floor mats.  

Floor Mats Are Simple But Effective

As a janitorial company, it’s not within our purview to inform clients how best to arrange the interior of their building.  Every client has a different aesthetic and set of needs, and as professional janitors, we are more than capable of adapting to whatever environment we find ourselves in.  

However, there are some basics to floor cleanliness that should be followed if the client wants to keep a consistently clean floor.

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Floor Mats Should Be at Every Intersecting Door

In the first place, floor mats should be at every intersecting door within the building.  What do we mean by ‘intersecting door’? Any door that connects one portion of an office complex to another, or one portion of the building to another.  It also includes doors connecting the outside to the inside, of course.  

Here are three major reasons why it helps to have mats at every intersecting door:

  1. You Can’t Force People to Take Off Their Shoes.  Someone rushing from outside to their office should be induced to wipe their feet at least a couple of times before reaching their desk, otherwise they will carry with them all the dirt from the street that had been lodged in the soles of their shoes.
  2. Keeps Out the Rain.  Another functional benefit of rugs is keeping out the rain.  Rubbing shoes on a mat usually does the trick in expelling moisture on shoes.  The more bristle in the mat, the better!
  3. Helps Regulate Bacteria.  There are some doormats designed to fight bacteria infestation.  The mats are infused with micro-killing agents that attack certain forms of bacteria when they enter the atmosphere.  While we are not suggesting every client picks up one of these augmented rugs, they sure do make a difference in transition areas where many people come in contact with each other.

These are only a few of the many reasons why having a rug in every transitional area makes sense for your business. 

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