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The Side Benefits of A Clean Workplace

A good business owner or employer is always thinking about productivity, not just how they can get their employees to improve it, but also how they can facilitate this same process. This comes not just from policy or perks, but from creating a good working environment. A major part of this is keeping things clean, to the point where you use a professional cleaning service. Here are some reasons why investing in keeping things clean now can have some good payoffs later.

Direct Reasons To Keep Clean

cleaning those dirty floors pictureWhile situations like OSHA concerns are reason enough to want to keep clean, those are extreme examples. In reality, the biggest reason that you want to keep a clean environment directly is due to illness. Not only do you not want your employees getting sick, your bottom line doesn’t want it to happen either. Stats show that on average, sick days cost businesses more than $225 billion dollars each year and result in 54% loss in productivity.You can really feel this crunch at certain times of the year, like flu season.

Even if your employees are well enough to stay at work, this doesn’t mean that keeping an unclean environment won’t hurt you. Cleaning products and services help reduce the number of allergens you find in the air. Outside of extreme cases, most employees will work through allergies, but the typical symptoms will likely leave them tired and working at a fraction of their full potential. If they have a customer-facing job, a representative with a runny nose and congestion doesn’t put forward the best image of your company,

Indirect Reasons To Keep Clean

Let’s run with that idea of a good image for a little bit. If you work with clients or collaborators, chances are that in most businesses, you will schedule some sort of meeting. The moment this conversation takes place at your workplace, the workplace itself becomes an extension of your brand. If this person walks in and sees a very dirty workplace, suddenly, all kinds of questions arise as to what type of business you are running. These are the last things you want potential clients or partners to be thinking of. Get ahead of that and make sure you bring on cleaning help. At the same time, investing in certain practices, like green cleaning, gives a positive impression, that you are using every means possible to be forward-thinking and progressive.

Indirectly, putting in energy and money to keep your workplace clean shows benefits at the employee level. If they spend a large portion of their time there, they probably feel like they deserve a clean space to work in. If it isn’t to their standard, they may clean their immediate space themselves. Not only is this not fair to your employees, it’s probably time you want to be spent on something else. In addition, having a clean workplace is important for morale, to give the impression that your company cares about itself.

To ensure that you reap all these benefits, be sure to partner with an Albuquerque building maintenance company to make sure you get an effective, deep clean in your workplace or job site.

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