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Keeping Your Employees Healthy This Winter

As fall changes into winter, all business owners begin to worry about the health of their employees. If your employees are constantly getting sick, your business is at risk of being less productive and generating less profit. This means that all business owners should do everything in their power to keep their employees healthy and ready to work. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can keep your workspace germ free.

Hand Sanitizer

Germs can spread extremely quickly in a workspace, especially if your employees are in regular contact with each other. This contact can range from a standard handshake to sharing a pen. In order to cut down on workplace germs, it is always beneficial to have a large supply of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are able to kill most of the germs that are potentially infecting your employees. By simplifying applying hand sanitizer, your employees can feel safer about sharing a work area and tools.

Thoroughly Wipe Down Surfaces

Germs can be found in a variety of places in the workplace. However, a common breeding ground for germs are shared surfaces. These surfaces can include countertops, desks, and appliances. Be extra thorough in high traffic areas like break rooms and bathrooms. This will minimize the spreading of germs and potentially keep your employees healthier.

Tissue Issues

Like hand sanitizer, tissue paper is a necessary investment in a workspace. When an employee has a cold, they need a solid amount of tissue to get them through the day. When an employee sneezes or coughs, they are releasing airborne germs into the workspace. However, when the employee sneezes or coughs into a tissue, they are releasing a much smaller amount of airborne germs. Tissues are quite affordable and is something all business owners should provide for their employees.

Consistently Clean the Workspace

By consistently cleaning the workplace, you are benefiting your employees in a number of ways. It can have a positive effect on their physical health, due to the fact that they are in less contact with dirty objects. It will also have a positive effect on their mental health, as employees are able to be more productive and happier in a clean workspace. Those who do not have the time or manpower to consistently clean their workspace may want to consider hiring a professional office maintenance team. These teams can focus on cleaning the workspace, while your employees focus on generating more profit.

During the winter, the last thing a business owner wants is sick employees. This can affect employee morale and productivity. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that a business owner can cut down on sickness in the workplace. These include providing hand sanitizer and tissue paper, thoroughly wiping down workplace surfaces and consistently cleaning. These simple tasks will minimize sickness and maximize employee productivity.

For more information on how to keep your employees healthy this winter, feel free to contact the building maintenance experts, Zia Building Maintenance.

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