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How Green Cleaning Products Can Improve Your Workplace

Industrial-strength cleaning products do a great job of getting surfaces clean, but at what cost? This is an important question to ask, especially when environmentally friendly, or green, cleaning products are available that do an equally good job of cleaning. 

The harsh chemicals used in many products can lead to unintended negative effects that you wouldn’t necessarily think would come from the sprays used to clean surfaces. Let’s take a look at how switching to green products can improve your workplace environment

Air Quality

When we think of air quality issues, we often think of outdoor things like vehicle pollution, smog, or smoke. But indoor air quality is also an important consideration. While vacuuming and dusting will help to reduce airborne particles, the chemicals used to clean surfaces can add harmful particles to the air. 

This can be something obvious, like the strong smell of undiluted bleach, for example. Many disinfectants and cleaners use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to breathe. 

Green products, on the other hand, are made with ingredients that won’t cause the sort of irritation and unpleasant effects, like headaches, associated with harsh chemicals. For people with scent sensitivities, harsh cleaning products can also make for an unpleasant working environment. The cleaning chemicals can cause an allergy or sensitivity flare-up, and the strong scents added to some cleaners can also cause issues. 


Surface Irritants

Disinfectants and cleaning chemicals need to come into direct contact with a surface to work properly. In the process, the products are left on the surface. When someone touches the surface, the products are transferred to their skin, where they can cause irritation. Instead of asking your employees not to touch any surfaces in the workplace, a better solution is to switch to a non-irritating natural cleaner. 


Surface Protection

Some surfaces are more delicate than others. Wood finishes, for example, can be ruined by using the wrong cleaner on them. Instead of marring the surface of a desk or table, the better option is to find a cleaning product that won’t damage surfaces. Again, natural cleaning products are the answer, as they are less harsh than other chemical options. But even with natural cleaners, it’s best to test in an inconspicuous area to make sure the cleaner won’t damage the surface. 


Improved Employee Experience

Actively working to make the workplace a more pleasant environment by improving the air quality, reducing the use of skin irritants, and ensuring no one is negatively impacted by cleaning products are all ways to show that a company cares about its employees. This can help contribute to a general positive feeling toward a business and can help to improve workplace morale. The result is a happier workforce. And studies have shown that happy employees are more productive, which in turn is good for business. 

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