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Preparing Your Facility For Fall

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Zia Building Maintenance Can Prepare Your Property For Fall

Pull out the sweaters; the pumpkin spice, and your fall decor, autumn has officially arrived. In preparation for the colder months, now is the right time to inspect your office building for any repairs, maintenance, or restoration that needs to take place before winter. In preparing your facility for fall, we’ve comprised a few quick tips to help get this done at your office or commercial facility.

– First, inspect all the doors and windows. If you notice air coming in through the bottom of the door, this may be a sign it’s time to replace the door sweeps and weather-stripping. It is to your advantage to catch these problems early because the loss of excess heat could result in high heat bills throughout the winter months.

– Second, make an inventory of window screens that need replaced. In addition, we recommend cleaning the screens that are in good condition with soap and warm water and storing them in large trash bags so they can remain clean throughout the winter. This will extend their lifetime usage.

– Third, inspect the perimeter of your building checking the gutters, downspouts, and foundation. Oftentimes, falling leaves will occlude downspouts and prevent water from flowing properly; creating the water to divert into the foundation walls of your building or into the roofing. Moisture buildup usually leads to mold and rot, which can be expensive and time consuming to repair.

– Lastly, ask your employees if they’ve noticed any of these issues. They may be your best investigators in problem prevention and maintenance detection. It is essential to prepare your office building for the winter months as it helps protect your employees from the harsh cold, as well as saving you copious amounts of money in repairs.

If you would like more information about preparing your facility for fall from one of our professionals, or you would like us to check your office and give you a consultation, call Zia Building Maintenance (505) 974-1186. Our friendly staff provides quarterly maintenance, floor maintenance, tile and grout restoration, and flexible cleaning schedules to fit your needs.


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