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The Ultimate Anti-Dust Guide

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Eight steps to reducing harmful dust in your workspace
You know those moments when you look at a surface in your office to see it coated with a fine film of dust? Not only does it look bad, it’s also bad for your health, getting it into your lungs and aggravating common allergies.

You might feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with dust. Here are some simple ways to gain the upper hand.

Clean With a Microfiber Cloth

A damp microfiber cloth allows you to wipe dusty surfaces without irritating your lungs. It can be used on any surface in your office.


Use a Damp Mop

A good mopping will pick up any dust left behind on hard floor surfaces. For best results, sweep up any loose particles before you begin mopping.


Clean Curtains And Upholstery

If you have heavy curtains, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from them regularly. Consider switching them out for blinds which won’t attract as much dust.


Cut Out Clutter

Any kind of clutter is a natural dust magnet. Make a list of all the items you use every day, and then put everything else into storage.


Use a Doormat

Most interior dust comes in with us from outside. An industrial-strength rubber mat placed at each entrance can stop dust where it starts.


Use an Air Purifier

These handy gadgets work to pull dust particles that are floating in the air into a filtering system. That makes them perfect for eliminating dust in places that you can’t see.


Vacuum Regularly

Vacuums are highly effective at removing dust particles on any surface. They pull them up from ceilings, furniture, walls and floors, and keep them in a compartment which you can clean out another time.


Get Your Office Professionally Deep-Cleaned

Regularly scheduling a professional cleaning company to do a deep cleaning is the best way to ensure that your work environment remains as dust-free as possible.

You can always trust Zia Building Maintenance to ensure a clean, healthy workspace.


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