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Avoiding Winter Clutter

Tips for avoiding winter clutter

You may have dreaded the end of winter because it usually meant one thing: spring cleaning. While there’s nothing wrong with being clean, spring cleaning is a little different. This project is bigger, more intense, and extremely time consuming. The winter is a time when homes, businesses, and facilities tend to become cluttered because people begin to collect, buy, and receive lots of items that can really pile up. Soon, these spaces are filled with so much clutter it may feel like you can’t breathe. Zia Building Maintenance believes strongly in keeping a clean space and offers a variety of professional cleaning and janitorial services for your home or office. Even though you can call Zia for the big and small stuff, their following tips will help you keep your space clean during the winter and well into the spring.


Cleaning Tips to Stay Organized this Winter

The following cleaning tips will help you keep your home, office, or facility clean in a simple but effective way.

  • Don’t Leave Things Lying Around: Clutter comes when something is left in a spot it does not belong. This means that if you take something out, be sure to return it to its proper place, or find a place for it. For example, if something like a mug, a report, or even a magazine is left on a table, it automatically becomes a place where clutter will build up. People are less likely to place things down on a clean surface, so the more clean surfaces you have, the less clutter you’ll accumulate.
  • Utilize Storage Space: Decorations, appliances, fixtures, and more can go in and out of an office throughout the seasons. When something is no longer being used, you should immediately store it away to reduce potential clutter. During the winter, lots of items can come out and add extra clutter to any space. If you have storage space in your office or facility, make use of it so that everything has a proper place.
  • Be Consistent: Complacency is the leading cause of clutter and the buildup of dirt, grime, and other messes. Avoid this by being consistent every day about keeping your space clean.


Need a cleaning partner to avoid winter clutter?

If you need a partner to keep your home, office or commercial space clean and tidy, we’re happy to help. Zia Building Maintenance offers handyman and janitorial services that can assure your bathrooms, floors, carpets, and overall space remain in great condition. When you clean up regularly, you can avoid running into clutter and other messes that can create a huge headache later.

Call Zia Maintenance to help you (505) 974-1186.

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Zia Building Maintenance provides full-service commercial cleaning services to Albuquerque businesses of every size. Their customer service and care for employees have made them a top janitorial service provider in Albuquerque for 32 years.