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Your Guide to Cleaning Medical Offices

Medical offices are not your typical business spaces; they are high traffic areas that are exposed to tons of germs. We tend to think of the spaces as clean, sterile environments. But the health professionals that work in the spaces understand that different kinds of bacteria travel in and out every day.

That’s why medical offices must be cleaned regularly by professionals. Keeping medical office is clean is vital to maintaining the health and safety of patients and staff alike. Staff members also appreciate a clean office space because it sends the message that they genuinely care about their patients’ well being. Here are a few things you should know about how often medical offices should be cleaned.


For the most effective cleaning, it is vital to set an appropriate schedule for your office space. You and your cleaning crew should set up a plan for what tasks need to be accomplished daily. There should also be a long term schedule that determines what days will be dedicated to more thorough cleaning.

Your cleaning needs will vary depending on the type of medical office you have. Other factors like visitor traffic and your monthly budget will also affect your schedule. In-depth cleaning periods should happen once every week or two.

Cleaning Tools

Some tools commonly used during medical office cleaning sessions include bin liners, brooms, mops, disinfectant spray, high powered vacuums, commercial-grade cleaners, and disposable gloves. If your office handles many sick patients daily, you may also want to offer your cleaning crew protective masks. 

Trash Removal

You should remove your trash at least once every day. Trash bins in medical offices are often home to hazardous waste materials that can be harmful to patients and medical practitioners. Ensure that the appropriate precautions are being taken to remove your trash safely. Your trash should also be stored securely in a proper holding facility.

After you remove your trash, you should wipe down your bins with a disinfectant cleaner before you replace the liner. Never attempt to manually compact waste to make more room in the bag. There may be sharp objects or other dangerous materials in the bin that could harm you. Most medical offices have separate spaces for the disposal of sharps or hazardous objects like needles. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Waiting Rooms

Ensure that your waiting area is adequately cleaned so that it is welcoming for your patients. In waiting rooms, your floor should be the most important focus. Many medical patients are children who may sit or play on the floor while waiting for their appointment. Make sure that your floor is mopped and vacuumed regularly. Wipe down all other surfaces, including waiting room seating and countertops.

Exam Room

This is perhaps the most crucial area in your medical office to clean. Your staff should be disinfecting this area in between each patient. This includes changing paper liners on your examination chair and table. And wiping all surfaces down. Don’t forget to use a disinfectant wipe to clean light switches and doorknobs.

The best way to keep a medical office clean and disinfect it is through frequent cleaning. Keep your medical office sanitized and welcoming by contacting our team of cleaning professionals at Zia Building Maintenance today.

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