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What to Look for in a Janitorial Company

A clean office presents a professional image to visitors, gives your employees a sense of respect for the workplace, and has health benefits. But there’s more to hiring a janitorial company than just the work they do. Here’s what to look for when you’re searching for a janitorial company. 


Ideally, you want to find a company with a great reputation. What you definitely want to avoid is a company with a bad reputation. But how do you figure this out? There are several ways, most of which involve online searches. After you’ve made a shortlist of janitorial companies you’re considering, do a simple online search for the company name plus the word “review” and see what comes up. Next, search their name on social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. If people have negative things to say, they will most likely appear in your searches. What you’re looking for here are any red flags or a pattern of bad reviews that will point to reasons to cross them off your list. 

Janitorial Service Offerings

Once you’ve removed the obvious duds from your list, it’s time to find a company that will provide all the services you require. This will simplify the process since you’ll have one company capable of doing everything you need. For instance, maybe you want periodic deep cleanings or other occasional extra services. It makes sense to hire a janitorial company that provides these services rather than having to contract multiple cleaning companies. 


Insurance and bonded employees are essential and should be non-negotiable. You’ll also want to see proof of insurance to be sure the company is actually insured in the manner they claim. If all goes right, you’ll never need to talk about insurance with your cleaning company again. But if things go wrong and the company isn’t properly insured, you’ll regret skipping this step. 


Like any service provider for your business, you want a janitorial company that responds in a timely manner, is clear and transparent and generally has good communication practices. A good time to judge communication practices is when going through your selection process. Ask yourself if the company being considered offers clear responses within short periods, if they have clear procedures in place, and whether or not they listen to your needs. 

Flexible Options

Be sure to ask about options that meet the needs of your business. For instance, if services are offered in packages but you don’t need the entire service offering, can you customize it? Also, be sure to ask about scheduling and whether it can be adjusted when you need it. This applies to the janitorial company as a whole and also to its workers. If your office regularly has employees working late, you want to know that the cleaning company’s workers have the flexibility to accommodate your business’s needs. 

By applying this criteria to your search, you should be well on the way to finding a reputable, dependable cleaning company. Or you could call Zia Building Maintenance and be confident that you’ve made the right decision. 

About Zia Building Maintenance

Zia Building Maintenance provides full-service commercial cleaning services to Albuquerque businesses of every size. Their customer service and care for employees have made them a top janitorial service provider in Albuquerque for 32 years.