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Office Locations That You Don’t Clean Often Enough

While most people might think that they know how dirty their office is, the truth is that the majority of workers have no idea just how dirty it actually is. Most items that you think might be only a little dirty are actually significantly dirtier than everyday items that you would think are absolutely covered in germs.

The biggest reason why these workplace items become so dirty is that they are not being cleaned nearly as often as they should be. In fact, here are a few areas in your average office that are the most likely to not be cleaned often enough.

Office Walls

Most people already know that it is important to get the office floors cleaned on a regular basis. However, not nearly enough people realize the importance of having the walls in their office cleaned as well. Since they are a vertical surface and are rarely actually touched by anyone, most people think that the walls in their office couldn’t possibly be that dirty.

But dust and grime are able to gather on any surface if given enough time. This is especially true if the walls in the office are covered in wallpaper or made up of something textured like tiles. That is why the walls should be cleaned almost as much as the floors are in every office.

Underneath and Behind Printers/Copiers

The photocopiers or printers used in an office environment are often very large pieces of equipment that can be very heavy and awkwardly shaped. This makes it far less likely that someone will put in the effort to move the equipment when cleaning the office. Therefore, if you were to move the copier of printer out of the way, chances are that you would see a large pile of dust and dirt that has gathered. That is why every time that the copier or printer is cleaned, it should be pulled out so that the cleaner can get in behind to clean the area underneath and behind it as well.

Ceiling Tiles

Not every office is going to be equipped with the same type of ceiling. While some offices will have flat and solid ceilings, other workplaces will contain ones that are made up of acoustic tiles. If your office has a roof with these ceiling tiles, then you need to take extra care in making sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, dust can begin to gather on them and they may even develop some dark stains if the tiles happen to be located near air vents. So instead, you should be taking the time to make sure that the top of the room looks as good as the bottom.

You can give your workplace a much cleaner and more professional appearance by making sure that these notoriously dirty areas are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. To have your workplace cleaned by a team of experts, contact us at Zia Building Maintenance today.

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