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3 Spaces Most Neglected During Cleaning

Are you a proud business owner with a string of clients who trust and rely on your service? As a business, you need to be putting your best face forward every day, and that face includes your office. Even if you don’t bring many clients into the office, it is a space where your employees, the heart of your operations, spend their entire day.

If your office is unclean, it not only tells clients you don’t have time to take care of your space, but it signifies to your employees you aren’t worried about their wellbeing. As you start thinking about your office cleaning, make sure always to hire a professional.

A professional cleaner not only takes care of the dirty work while you focus on profits, but they also tackle the most neglected spaces you probably never thought of cleaning. Check out three of those spots below. 

1. Ceiling Fans & Light Fixtures

You probably don’t spend a ton of time looking at the ceiling throughout your workday, which is why light fixtures and ceiling fans are areas that are almost always forgotten during routine cleans. As these spots don’t immediately catch your eye when dirty, it is easy to feel your office is clean without addressing them. However, as dirt and grime build, it can make your space appear dingy, and if someone happens to notice clumps of dust around the fans and fixtures, it can make you look careless. Always make sure your professional cleaner is addressing these hard-to-reach areas. 

2. Appliance Interiors

If your office is similar to most, you probably have a kitchen where employees can mingle and take breaks throughout the workday. These spaces often become visibly dirty because people will be using dishes and preparing lunch. While you can easily clean away the visible mess, the inside of the appliances used can get extremely dirty. When getting a professional cleaning done, make sure you opt for the interior of your appliances to be done as well. You don’t want a stained microwave, or a smelly fridge, as it can render the kitchen unusable. 

3. Desktop Trinkets & Electronics

An office cleaning’s goal is not only to enhance eye lines and make your space more appealing but also to remove germs, like bacteria and viruses. The places that tend to be the germiest are individual work stations. An employee’s desktop is often filled with trinkets, personal belongings, and any electronic equipment used to complete their job. As these are being touched more frequently than any other place in the office, they are breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria. A professional cleaning can quickly eliminate these germs so you can get back to running a health-forward business. 

Trying to clean your office space with some of your employees or once a month professionally is not going to be enough. It would be best if you had professional cleaners regularly to guarantee there will be no spaces neglected. If you want your fixtures, appliance interiors, and desktops cleaned expertly, call Zia Building Maintenance today. 

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