Window Cleaning So Your Business Shines

Let clean windows reflect the excellence of your business.

Streaky, Smudgy Windows and Glass Show Neglect

Are you tired of worrying about your customer’s first impression of your space? Still, your employees (and maybe even your past cleaning company) have better things to do than making sure your windows were free of smudges, fingerprints, and streaks. Yet when these markings are left behind, it’s an indicator to customers and staff that the space isn’t well taken care of.

Leave the First Impressions to Us With Commercial Window Cleaning

If you need basic, ground-level storefront, office building, or other commercial facility window cleaning, Zia Building Maintenance is here for you. With many years of experience in commercial window washing and a fantastic crew of cleaners, we can make the face of your business sparkle. And, you’re likely to see the same cleaners caring for your needs week after week.

We understand the nuances of storefront and business window cleaning—from avoiding the lunch rush of a restaurant to wiping down sills and frames so that your whole storefront exudes cleanliness. Put away the paper towels and Windex, and leave the first impressions of your business to the professionals at Zia Building Maintenance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! As an Albuquerque commercial cleaning company, not only do we take care of the daily and weekly cleaning needs of our customers, but we also can get your business on a regular maintenance schedule for some of those bigger floor care jobs, like VCT stripping and waxing.

Yes, we can absolutely jump in and help the cleaning crews your business already has in place. Schools are the most common location where we have seen this work effectively. We understand that staffing is difficult. Leaving the staffing to us, and hire Zia Building Maintenance to support your cleaning staff.

Our Albuquerque commercial cleaning staff can clean your windows as frequently as you need. Some of our clients that don’t get much traffic only need a monthly or even quarterly clean. If your business has a lot of children in and out and the fingerprints and smudges abound, you’re going to need your glass cleaned much more frequently, and we can work with that!

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