Bathroom Cleaning Beyond Your Expectations

Leave a great impression on customers and staff with bathrooms that sparkle.

Your Customers Deserve Clean Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the number one place your clients and staff will notice if it’s not clean. The dusting, windows—it might take a long time before someone notices they’re not up to par. And even then, a dusty surface or a streaky window doesn’t illicit the disgust that a dirty bathroom does. Your staff has better things to do than worry about keeping the bathroom clean. And your customers expect to be able to use the facilities and have it be a pleasant experience.

Zia Building Maintenance Helps Your Business Shine

With our custom commercial cleaning packages for Albuquerque businesses, we analyze the specific needs of the bathrooms at your business during our initial walkthrough. We’ll work with you to determine how frequently they need to be cleaned to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

While bathroom cleaning is not a stand-alone service, we wanted to highlight it here as one of our offerings in our commercial cleaning packages because it’s the main thing that causes businesses to be dissatisfied with their past cleaning services. And we want you to know that we care as much as you do about the cleanliness of your bathrooms!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Zia Building Maintenance, we work with your team to make sure we’re addressing the specific needs of your business’s bathrooms. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all cleaning services. We can clean during the day, or after hours, whichever serves your needs best.

Yes, we can absolutely jump in and help the cleaning crews your business already has in place. Schools are the most common location where we have seen this work effectively. We understand that staffing is difficult. Leaving the staffing to us, and hire Zia Building Maintenance to support your cleaning staff.

Our commercial cleaning staff can clean your bathrooms as frequently as you need. Some clients only want a once-a-month deep clean, while others require daily cleaning or even with every shift change. We will work with you to establish a cleaning frequency that keeps your facilities looking great.

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