What’s in Your Carpet?

What’s in Your Carpet?

Do You Know What’s in Your Carpet?

Why is everybody out sick today? That question often has no explanation. If something is going around at your office, however, it could be crawling up from the surface instead of buzzing through the air.

Most people shutter at the thought of what living organisms reside in their carpets. While home carpets are bad enough, imagine what 50 staff members in a tight office can track in daily. It’s safe to assume that whatever is out there, is probably in here.

Just How Bad Is It?

clean your carpets pictureStudies have shown that the average shoe can smuggle up to 8 million bacteria per square centimeter into an office building. That type of illegal immigration can add up to entire ecosystems threatening the health of your employees. Who are the main culprits?

One of the largest contributors to sinus infections and allergic reactions are dust mites. They can form a blanket across an entire floor system and thrive off of a never-ending supply of dead skin released by humans. Mites will have you coughing and wheezing with little effort.


Fleas are pesky. Once they get inside the building and take up residence, they can multiply at an accelerated rate. They thrive on other living things. This means they feed off of you, defecate on you, and they reproduce on you at a staggering rate. Think about that next time you get bit.

Black Mold

Black mold has been directly linked to asthma, bronchitis, coughing and sneezing, severe headache, allergies, throat sores, and exhaustion. Mold forms in areas where moisture is present. Once it grows, it can spread across your carpet. Since it flourishes under the radar, employees won’t notice it until it’s overtaken your carpets, walls, and ceiling.


Yes, some viruses linger right under your nose. The most notorious viral organism is the Norovirus. This enemy of the workplace has an impressive resume: strep throat, toxic shock syndrome, scarlet fever, and pneumonia. It has regularly caught the attention of the CDC down in Atlanta.


carpet cleaning pictureEven in a Western town like Albuquerque, pollen can irritate many a nose and eyes. Like many other microbes, dust and pollen can go airborne before landing somewhere or one someone. When it’s not flying around, however, it’s resting on your carpet waiting for the next flight out.


Salmonella is a microbe that is responsible diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. It can be a menace to children and the elderly. Although we often identify salmonella with food like chicken that has gone bad, it regularly makes its way into the carpets by way of shoes.

The Solution: Professional Carpet Cleaning

While bringing in a cleaning service to vacuum every week can do a lot of good, only a thorough cleaning from a commercial carpet cleaning service can kill most of the germs and bacteria that exist below the surface.

A professional cleaning crew can provide industry level equipment, eco-friendly bacteria-killing solutions, and the experience necessary to make your office a clean and healthy environment once again. If you have concerns about your office, call an experienced carpet cleaning company. You and your employees can breathe easier. Call Zia Building Maintenance (505) 974-1186.