Three Common Maintenance Concerns

Three Common Maintenance Concerns

Three Common Maintenance Concerns

Your home or workplace has a structure that is built to last. Helping it fulfill that promise, though, requires you to perform maintenance work over time. This can seem like a hassle that never ends, particularly if you address building issues only when problems arise. Performing regular maintenance on your structure can help you keep things going well, so you do not lose time and money when the building inevitably turns for the worse. In particular, the systems that move elements through your building should be regularly checked and serviced to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Managing Your HVAC

Your HVAC system keeps your building temperature comfortable for you and your employees. But it also does much more. It moves the air through your building, and filters to keep that air clean. To work efficiently and keep you breathing properly, you need to clean the air ducts and change the filters regularly. Put it off for too long, and you will find seasonal allergies acting up, asthma and other breathing issues aggravated, and general health among your workforce compromised. Your maintenance should include sweeping out the vents to clear out dust and debris; disinfecting vent surfaces to remove harmful bacteria; and changing filters to both eliminate trapped pollutants and keep air flowing freely through them.


Plumbing Concerns

common maintenance needs pictureMost people only think about their plumbing when there is a problem: a clogged pipe, a leak, or a flood. Unfortunately, the bigger the problem, the more expansive and expensive the solution required. People dread visits from the plumber not because plumbing is inherently problematic, but rather because most only engage with the plumber when disaster strikes.

Regular plumbing maintenance starts with inspections. Your maintenance team will look at the pipes, faucets, and connections for signs of wear or leaks. A trained eye will often catch early warning signs of hard water damage or pipe decay, and help you implement a plan to keep everything working properly and avert larger issues that may otherwise arise down the road.


Electrical Issues

We rely more every year on electrical equipment and computers. While this allows us to work harder, faster, and more efficiently, it also leaves us helpless when electrical failures strike. Surges and shorts wreak havoc on every business function, and cost businesses millions of dollars each year in lost work and damage. Your building maintenance plan should thus include a component to regularly inspect your switches, circuit breakers, and wiring throughout your building. The maintenance team you use will replace fuses, clean switches and breakers, and check wiring for damage. While these efforts cannot help you avoid every electrical failure, they can head off many concerns and give you greater peace of mind as you go through your day.


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