Take Care of Lead Abatement

Take Care of Lead Abatement

Take Care of Lead Abatement Now!

If your building was built before 1978, there is a good chance that you have lead paint concerns. If that is the case, any flaking or scratching of paint in these can create health hazards for you and anyone visiting your business. Unfortunately, this also means simply removing or repainting your walls does not solve the problem—and can even make it worse. You need to work with a certified lead paint abatement specialist to remove this hazard from your structure. Fortunately, Zia Building Maintenance provides professional abatement services for your building.



The first step in any lead paint abatement process is an inspection. A certified professional looks at your building and analyzes the paint used and the condition it is in. This then allows us to determine what the best abatement method may be. In some cases, removal and replacement of the paint or the structure is not the only or even the best method. We inspect your property carefully and provide recommendations to safely eliminate the hazards that lead paint creates.


Enclosure and Encapsulation

Enclosure works by covering a lead paint-coated surface with a special cover or paneling. Rather than removing the paint itself, it simply eliminates the exposure of that paint to the air and the building inhabitants. This may be effective, depending on the structure of your building and the amount of contact you have with the surfaces being enclosed.

Encapsulation is similar, but rather than enclosing the surface, it uses a special coating to seal in the lead paint. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to treat the problem under the right circumstances. Again, if the hazard comes from people or objects rubbing against a lead paint surface, this is not the most effective means of providing lead paint abatement.


Removal and Replacement

In many cases, covering up or enclosing lead paint creates an incomplete solution. Two more invasive means of lead paint abatement can create a more permanent and effective result. Lead paint removal involves coating lead paint-covered surfaces with chemicals that keep it wet through the removal process. This reduces the amount of dust in the air and thus the hazards that linger after the work is done. Still, furniture must be removed and surfaces covered, and the entire area must be cleaned as part of the service.

Finally, in some cases the only way to fully eliminate the problem is to replace structures and surfaces that are covered with lead paint. This requires careful, intense work, and serves as the most costly lead paint abatement method. On the other hand, it represents the most thorough means of eliminating the hazards for you, your employees, and your customers.


At Zia Building Maintenance, we are certified in professional lead paint abatement work. We will work with you to identify all of your options, and provide the service that best meets your needs. Don’t try to take your health and safety into your own hands. Contact Zia Building Maintenance to help you get the lead out.

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