Sealing Your Windows and Doors

Sealing Your Windows and Doors

Properly Sealing Your Windows and Doors

When you heat and cool your business, you rely on the structure of your building to hold the treated air inside. If your insulation and seals fail, your energy costs soar and the temperatures you experience become less comfortable for it. While this is most noticeable in the winter, don’t discount the impact this can have on your bills and your customers’ comfort level when the weather starts heating up again. Before you launch into another New Mexico summer, take the time to make sure your building is ready to protect you and those who use your facilities.


Check Your Seals

The places you are most likely to have air coming in or out of your building are around your doors and your windows. If you see condensation on your windows, that can be one sign that the seal is leaking or breaking. In addition, when you check the caulk on the outside, cracks or splits in that caulk signal a problem that is either developing or present. Finally, if you hold a lit candle or a light piece of paper next to a closed window or door, movement of the flame or paper demonstrate air slipping in or out.

During the spring, the impact of this may not hit you very hard. By the time summer comes, though, the pleasant air seeping in gives way to cool air escaping and heat filling your facilities despite your best efforts to keep everyone comfortable. When you discover leaks in the structural integrity between your doors or windows and your wall, you need to have them repaired before small discomforts give way to significant issues.


Getting Professional Help

In the glorious Internet age in which we live, you have no trouble finding do-it-yourself tips for re-caulking or resealing your doorway and windows. You may find quickly, though, that the repair work requires more time, effort, and skill in this area than you are able or willing to give to the project—and despite your best efforts, your best abilities lie elsewhere. When your business comfort level is at stake, you cannot wait and hope it gets better, because it will not. Building repair and maintenance requires constant vigilance and quick responses.

At Zia Building Maintenance, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, efficient, and effective solutions to all of your building maintenance needs. When you work with us regularly, we can not only handle your everyday maintenance concerns, but identify and repair the small problems before they can become major ones. Our handyman services are available to assess and repair your air leaks professionally and quickly. We allow you to focus on the areas of your own expertise in running your business, while we handle the structural and functional issues of your building.

Your customers and employees count on you to provide a particular experience for them. In turn, you can count on Zia Building Maintenance to keep your building in shape and ready to enhance that experience for them.


Businesses in Albuquerque have numerous options to choose from when it comes to handyman services. Zia Building Maintenance’s handyman services can help you with all the work of getting your home or business into tip top shape.
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