How To Prevent Dust Build Up In The Office

How To Prevent Dust Build Up In The Office

How To Prevent Dust Build Up In The Office

Dust.  It’s that ever-present element in a room that is always building up, always gaining momentum in the hardest to reach areas.  While dust in the home might be more manageable because rooms are smaller and can be dealt with separately, dust in the office is a whole other ballgame. 

The Office Is Filled With Objects That Attract Dust

The fact that there are so many static objects in one room is one thing.  Dust just loves static objects.  Add to that the fact that many offices A) don’t have great ventilation, and B) are always filled with many people.  Taken together, the average office space is an ideal environment for dust to build-up.

The Impact Of Dust On Health

We all know the impact that dust has on us.  For one thing, many people suffer from dust (or dust related) allergies.  The American Academy of Asthma and Immunology reports that approximately 30 percent of the population suffer from some kind of nasal allergen.  Sneezy and stuffed up sinuses are the main side-effects of dust allergies, conditions that make it terribly hard to be efficient at work.  Those who don’t suffer from dust related allergies are still effected by dust because poor ventilation means the air is thick and heavy in the office.  Not to mention the fact that it just makes the office seem dirty.  Nothing could more uninspiring than a dirty office.

Here are some tips for how to prevent dust build-up in the average office space:

Get an Air Purifier

It’s important to get the best air purifier product on the market.  Luckily it’s easy to tell the best from the rest, because top quality air purifiers utilize HEPA filters to extract particles in the air that will become dust at some point.  HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, and will be advertised on the product in-store.

Don’t Invest in Air Fresheners

In the short-term it might seem helpful to invest in air fresheners.  That would be a mistake, unless it’s an organic air freshener.  A lot of air fresheners on the market contain chemicals that actually break-down as dust.  The best example of this is limonene, a molecule that smells like orange which actually breaks down into secondary fragments that just hang in the air, looking for a place to rest.  The more natural light that is present in the office the better, but it’s still best to avoid toxic air fresheners in the office.

Clean The Electronics Regularly

Dust particles are attracted to the electricity pulsing through the atmosphere created by computers, phones, and printers.  It’s not too much to ask for each office member to give their personal cubicle a little rubdown once and a while, otherwise the janitorial team will have to work over-time!

Hire an Excellent Janitorial Team

A professional janitorial team will know to clean the vents every single week.  Vents are one of the main areas for dust build-up, but a regular swipe down will do the trick.  They will also know to clean carpets and rugs thoroughly – not to mention window frames and the blades of ceiling fans, two of the more secret spots where dust likes to collect.


Working with a professional, all-service janitorial team will make your work environment cleaner, and, as a result, more efficient.  Zia Building Maintenance is committed to providing exceptional janitorial services to businesses in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Contact them today at (505) 974-1186 to discuss how they can improve the cleanliness or operational procedures of your office space.