Need A Handyman?

Need A Handyman?

Call Zia When You Need a Handyman

Face it, office buildings, businesses, and other facilities require a lot of attention to stay up and running smoothly. You will need a handyman when things go wrong, it’s not always the best idea to fix them by yourself. Electrical problems, plumbing issues, and everything in between should be handled by a professional handyman with the experience and knowledge necessary to handle the problem safely and effectively. Zia Building Maintenance offers quality handyman services in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. No matter the size of your project, the nature of your need, or the urgency for services, Zia can help.

Handyman Services in Albuquerque

  • exterior handyman services albuquerque pictureElectrical: Electrical problems can be highly troublesome in any business, and we understand how quickly you need these issues to be resolved. Appliances, fixtures, plugs, minor rewiring, and even TV set up and mounting are some of the services we offer our customers. If you aren’t sure where to begin, simply call us up, show us your project, and we’ll do the rest.
  • Doors and Windows: The handymen at Zia have plenty of experience with doors and windows. Whether you need door replacement or jamb repair, new knob and lock sets, thresholds, or security screens, we can get the job done. For windows, we can do whole window replacement, casement replacement, and re-glazing.
  • Bathrooms: The bathroom is often the room with the highest traffic in a building, making it highly stressful when issues arise. A Zia handyman will come to perform refurbishment and installation services for sinks, faucets, plumbing, drains, sinks and more. We can also handle installing bathroom mirrors, vanities, and lighting to make your bathroom look bright and exciting.
  • Exterior: We make your building exterior look beautiful. We can handle landscape lights and fixtures, irrigation systems, ponds and filters, and fences. If exterior repairs are needed, we can help with this too. If you have any questions about exterior services, simply contact us.
  • Carpentry: That’s right, if you need a carpenter, we can do this too. We do everything from closets and crown molding to framing, drywall, shelves, and pergolas. No matter how you want your business or home to look, we can help with construction, repairs, and installations.
  • Painting: We offer cosmetics services to make your business or facility eye-catching and attractive. When your business or facility looks clean, well put together, and inviting, you can expect to catch lots of positive attention from customers, colleagues, friends, and more. We also deal with interior painting projects as well. Small rooms, edging, trim and touch-ups can all be done by a professional handyman, ensuring the best results for your unique project.

If you need a handyman in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, contact Zia Building Maintenance today and get a free quote on your project!