Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Spring’s arrival represents a time of renewal and youthful energy, the emergence of the world from its winter slumber. But it also provides a transitional period to get ready for summer. If you have a swimming pool, this is the best time to start getting everything ready for the hot summer months to come. You should plan now to make sure everything is ready for you to get maximum enjoyment throughout pool season.


Structure and Sealant

The first area to check is the structure of the pool itself. Are there cracks or leaks on the sides or bottom? This can be a problem not only for letting water slip out, but also for letting contaminants seep into the pool water. And even small fissures that you cannot see can grow into big problems very quickly.

This process begins with filling and smoothing any cracks in the pool, or if necessary, a complete resurfacing. After this, a sealant helps ensure the pool will hold water efficiently through the summer. You should plan to do this every spring to make sure your pool is ready to perform its most basic of functions: holding water.


Check and Maintain Your Filter

Of course, the water isn’t a positive thing if the water isn’t clean. Your pool filter has at times a herculean task in keeping your pool free of contaminants. Every spring, and again before you start using your pool, you need to clean and test your filters to ensure they are working properly. The amount of debris that can collect between when you stop using the pool and when you are ready to start again can seem almost overwhelming. You will clean them regularly through pool season, but the big job comes right at the beginning.

After you clean your filter, you need to test it to ensure it is cleaning water. If not, you should consider whether repairing or replacing the filter makes the most sense. In many cases, the repair can cost more than half of the replacement cost for the unit, so getting a new, efficient filter may make more sense.


Prepare Around the Pool Too

Finally, you should take the time to make sure the area around the pool is ready as well. Cracks on the surface around the edges of the pool can be dangerous, especially if kids will be playing there. The resurfacing you do should extend to any concrete surfaces around the swimming area. In addition, any grassy areas around the pool need to be cleared and groomed so you do not have any unsafe conditions nearby. Swimming pools are magnets for accidents, so anything you can do up front to prevent them is time well spent.