End of Summer Handyman Jobs

End of Summer Handyman Jobs

Handyman Jobs for End of Summer

Many handyman tasks arise regardless of the season, time of day, or day of the week. We pride ourselves at Zia on being ready for what you need, when you need it. Still, planning a regular maintenance schedule for your home or business can take some of the surprises out of your building’s needs. You can move yourself a little closer to predictability by taking on some scheduled handyman jobs for the end of the summer.


Clean the Windows

Windows get dirty quickly and easily, and you should plan to clean them regularly. By the end of the summer, though, you face concerns beyond smudges and smears. The spring and summer seasons bring a collection of pollen, dust, and other allergens and irritants that collect on your window sills, on the caulking and edging, and other places where they can linger. To keep your family or your work team comfortable, you should get these cleaned off as you head into the fall.

In addition, this provides a good time and opportunity to check for any leaks around the edges of your windows. When you close the windows, you should make sure that the treated air, be it warm or cool, stays inside the building. Checking for leaks can help ensure you remain energy efficient, and can save you substantially on your energy costs as winter approaches.


Clearing the Ducts

air duct cleaning pictureSimilarly, your duct work can collect many of these materials over the course of a long spring and summer. Your HVAC filters should trap much of it, but this creates its own problems in reducing the efficiency of your heating and central air conditioning. As more irritants collect in the ducts, the unit has to work harder to push air through—and eventually, the filters become less effective.

When you schedule regular maintenance going into the fall, you head off some of these problems before they can take hold. You save money in energy costs and in potential repair costs by staying ahead of them. In the meantime, you keep the air you breathe comfortable and healthy for those sharing the space with you.


Furnace Maintenance

Finally, you want to plan for maintenance testing and any work to be done on your furnace itself. The end of summer is not when you typically worry about your ability to heat the home or office, but that makes it the ideal time to ensure you are ready when cooler weather hits. Too many people wait and discover heating problems when they need heat, rather than taking care of any potential issues before they have a chance to matter for you. Putting off maintenance leaves you vulnerable, and ends up costing you more in the long run.

As you move to the end of summer, take the time to prepare yourself for the fall and winter ahead. Zia Building Maintenance can help get you ready for whatever lies ahead, giving you peace of mind and predictability for your bottom line.


At Zia Building Maintenance, we provide Albuquerque handyman services across the spectrum of your building’s requirements. Our maintenance work helps keep everything on track and prevents many of the issues you might otherwise see pop up. And when something does go wrong, you can count on us to fix it quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your building. Call us at (505) 974-1186, for all your general handyman needs.