A Dirty Bathroom Can Make-Or-Break A Deal

A Dirty Bathroom Can Make-Or-Break A Deal


“You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

This is an old saying that packs a lot of truth into a few words.  Our psychological make-up means that we value the unspoken visual and emotive qualities of a person we are meeting for the first time.  We usually value these things more than their credentials or capacity for helping us, which is why this little quote has so much truth.  It is why most of our politicians are very good looking, why we can’t trust someone if they don’t give a good first impression, and why businesses need to keep a clean office space to impress prospective clients.


Office Organisation Is Key


In the world of business, one of the key’s to a successful first impression is organisation.  Organisation is all about the use of space to create order.  A properly organised office should run smoothly and have a lively atmosphere.  It is a hard thing to create and maintain but makes a big difference on first impressions.  

A disorganised office, on the other hand, is pretty obvious.  Someone that walks into your office for the first time should not be overwhelmed by the amount of paper stacks on each desk, the lack of proper structure in the office environment, or the appearance that employees are not on task.  These are all negative first impressions that may decrease the likelihood of securing a new partner or client.  

The Office Must Be Clean at All Times


More important than organisation is cleanliness.  A clean office will make a great first impression.  The most important part of a clean office is a clean bathroom, which is usually the dirtiest spot.  Just like how we make first impressions about people based on how they look or how they smell, people make assumptions about a business based on how clean their bathroom is.  The simple fact is that people equate bathroom cleanliness with the quality of service or general organisation.  Once this assumption has been made on a first impression it is very hard for it to change.  


So What Does a Clean Bathroom Look Like?


The first feature of a clean bathroom is a clean floor.  A lot of floors might appear to be clean for regular users, but to an outsider, it appears dirty.  The best example of this is when a floor get’s sticky because of over-use or humidity in the hotter months.  A business needs to consider this factor and work with a janitorial staff that will ensure 100% cleanliness each and every week.

Other factors of a clean bathroom include:

  • No Toilet Paper
  • Full Trash Cans
  • Unpleasant Odour
  • Dirty Sink or Mirrors
  • Broken door hinges

A professional janitorial service will have all the tools and skills required to keep bathrooms sparkly clean.  Attention to detail on a regular basis will mean that when a prospective client makes a surprise visit to the office there is no reason to feel embarrassed or awkward – and that’s the ticket to a good first impression.

Working with a professional, all-service janitorial team will make your work environment cleaner, and, as a result, more efficient.  Zia Building Maintenance is committed to providing exceptional janitorial services to businesses in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Contact them today at (505) 974-1186 to discuss how they can improve the cleanliness or operational procedures of your office space.