Bacteria in the Workplace

Bacteria in the Workplace

Combating Bacteria in the Workplace

No matter how organized or tidy a workplace appears to be, there is always an invisible layer of germs and bacteria that are present all around us. These bacteria exist on every surface, floors, walls, furniture, as well as in the air we breathe.

Many of these bacteria can make us sick. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that an estimated 80% of infections are spread through hand to hand contact with other people and through hand contact with contaminated surfaces. In an office or job site, many people share the same areas and handle the same equipment, making it easy to spread germs from person to person. The prevalence of bacteria means that cleanliness in the workplace is a top priority for businesses who want to keep their employees healthy and productive.

Where Bacteria Lives in the Workplace

 Germs are present on every surface in an office or at a job site, but the ones that are most concentrated are in shared spaces like the copy room or break room. Door handles, elevator buttons, refrigerator handles, copy and printing equipment, water fountains, and more, are all prime sources of bacteria that can easily be spread from person to person.

Employee’s personal workspaces are also major sources of bacteria. Office phones, cell phones, computer keyboards, and desk surfaces are all areas that are covered in bacteria that can impact our health and wellbeing as well as the health of our co-workers.

How to Tackle Workplace Bacteria


  • For individuals

Everyone in the office or job site can do their part to keep their areas as clean as possible. Frequent handwashing is the most effective way for employees to prevent the spread of infections bacteria from person to person and helps to keep them free from disease. Using hand sanitizer at regular intervals and wiping down personal surfaces, like computer keyboards and phones, with antibacterial wipes are proactive measures that employers can encourage their employees to take to safeguard their health in the workplace.

  • For employers

Businesses are responsible for ensuring they are providing a clean and healthy environment for their employees. Business owners can do this by requesting that their office janitorial crew disinfect commonly shared surfaces as part of their regular workplace cleaning regime. Employers may wish to provide posters in break rooms, bathrooms, and other shared areas to educate employees and encourage hand washing. Hand sanitizer dispensers placed in those areas can increase motivation for good hygiene.

Call the Professionals

A good professional cleaning company will provide businesses with all the regular cleaning they require with added attention to disinfecting door handles, countertops, chairs, and more, to ensure maximum cleanliness of all areas. Employers should seek out cleaning companies that make wiping out bacteria a top priority.

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