5 Features Of An Excellent Janitorial Service

5 Features Of An Excellent Janitorial Service

5 Features Of An Excellent Janitorial Service

An office is a place of hard, focused work.  It’s an environment in which professionalism and proper conduct are vital to the success of the business, and an excellent janitorial service must be able to match this professionalism.  

The Importance Of Office Professionalism

The kind of professionalism that is required in an office is not only a performance based professionalism, in which getting work done on time and ensuring consistent communication with coworkers and collaborates throughout the process is important.  There is another kind of professionalism that makes a successful office tick, and it has to do with etiquette.  Office etiquette can mean a lot of specific things depending on the management style and type of industry, but in general, it means to show respect to others in the space and to remain focused on the task at hand.

Etiquette Is An Important Feature Of Janitorial Service

An excellent janitorial service takes office etiquette very seriously.  If a cleaning service is required during the day, a company should expect that the janitorial team remains discrete in their duties while also making themselves available to be called on for anything in particular.  The same goes for the night cleaning staff, who may find themselves working alongside some employees who are working late.  Consummate professionalism at all times is a must for janitorial services – but it is only one component of an excellent service.  Here are five features of an excellent janitorial service:

  1. Abide By The Schedule – Janitorial staff needs to be consistent in their schedule shifts.  This is partly the responsibility of the management team of the janitorial company in that they must make sure their stuff understand their schedule and their duties.
  2. Stick To Priority Areas – A cleaning staff that does not have focus is like a chicken running around with its head cut off.  As discussed above, an office space is all about professionalism, and this attitude applies whether it be during the day or overnight.  Cleaners need to know which areas are a priority and stick to that before expanding their reach.
  3. Always Dress In Uniform – This could be as simple as a shirt or a hat with the logo of the company.  It seems like a simple thing but helps a lot for day cleaning services who would otherwise blend into the building staff.  
  4. Be Discreet While Cleaning – Vacuuming should only be done at night when no one is around.  All other cleaning duties require very little noise and should be done in silence for the most part, especially for the break room or any communal spaces.
  5. Work Quickly While Remaining Safe – An excellent cleaning crew will be much like an excellent moving team: quick, no messing around, silent, and always abiding by safety standards.  That means bring proper hand, glove, ear (and even eye) protection for cleaning out bathrooms, vacuuming basements, or scrubbing down kitchens.

These are five features of an excellent janitorial service that every client should expect.  It is important that expectations are clear between a client and the janitorial service so that nothing is left unsaid or forgotten.  

Working with a professional, all-service janitorial team will make your work environment cleaner, and, as a result, more efficient.  Zia Building Maintenance is committed to providing exceptional janitorial services to businesses in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Contact them today at (505) 974-1186 to discuss how they can improve the cleanliness or operational procedures of your office space.